Antibody tests can detect antibodies that developed as a result of an exposure to COVID-19. We offer COVID-19 antibody testing at all Marque facilities. You do not need a referral to get an antibody test.

It is important to remember that COVID-19 antibody testing should not be used to determine or validate the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine. It should also not be used alone to confirm a diagnosis of a current infection. Patients who test positive for antibodies should continue to be vigilant about following CDC guidelines to prevent COVID-19 infection including social distancing, wearing masks/face coverings in public, and all patients regardless of immune status should receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lab-Sent Serum IgM/IgG AntibodyTest
– Blood draw
– 1-5 days reporting of results depending on outside lab volume
– Tests are $120
– Not submitted to insurance