7 Ways to Minimize Your Holiday Stress

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Awe the holidays. The time of year where you’re pulled in a million directions all at once. It’s easy to become exhausted and stressed out trying to do it all. It’s inevitable to avoid stress, especially during this time of year. Whether it’s family, money, travel or mall-madness shopping, it adds up which can have a major toll on your body both mentally and physically.  Fortunately, there are many things we can do to reduce both the stress and anxiety of the holidays. Here a few ways:

1. Be realistic. Choosing to limit your commitments to those that you will have the time to enjoy can remove you from feeling rushed or pressured. Try to keep in mind that families change and this year’s celebration will likely be different from ones in the past. Traditions and rituals often change. Choose a few to hold on to and be open to creating new ones. For example, if your adult children can’t come to your house, find new ways to celebrate together, such as sharing pictures, emails or videos.

2. Stick to a budget. Sticking to a reasonable budget can take the worry out of spending. Try to pay with cash to avoid racking up credit debt. Avoiding buying gifts for the sake of buying gifts. Try these alternatives: Donate to a charity in someone’s name, give homemade gifts or start a family gift exchange.

3. Maintain healthy nutrition. When you aren’t deciding the menu, adhering to a healthy path can prove more challenging. Eat a

healthy, filling snack or meal before heading to a party. Overindulgence adds to your stress and guilt. You’ll enjoy splurges more if you balance them with a healthy foundation. Commit to healthy eating during non-holiday related meals during the season. Base your meals around fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and plant-based proteins. Avoid processed, salty, sugary, and fatty foods.

4. Breathe. Focus for 15 minutes by spending some quite time alone without any distractions to restore your inner calm. Try to listen to soothing music or stargazing on a clear night’s walk. Relax and enjoy the season!

5. Get your ZZZZs. Continue to get plenty of sleep, ideally about 7.5 hours a night. Getting enough rest can help overcome fatigue and provide you with a reserve of energy.

6. Exercise. Work out in the morning. Even doing meditation or gentle stretching will get your day started off right. Stick to a good exercise plan and attempt to add some fun family activities like skating, sledding, hiking and walking to your schedule.

7. Reach out. Volunteering your time to help others also is a good way to lift your spirits and broaden your friendships. Service is a way of acknowledging that we are all one and that the happiness of each is connected to the happiness of all. The more you can experience the interconnectedness of all beings, the healthier you will be.

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