Marque Chiropractic


Established in 2023, Marque Chiropractic is an extension of Marque Urgent Care aimed at providing the highest quality outpatient chiropractic services. Our goal is to enhance maximum functional activity through combined efforts of our trained staff.

Our chiropractic team comprised of Dr. Kennedy Root has expertise in advanced chiropractic care. We utilize digital X-rays and the latest in posture analysis software. Our chiropractic team first conducts an exam to determine your exact area of concern, then correct your spine through various non-invasive, comfortable, and therapeutic therapies including chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, traction, cold laser therapy, and customized exercises.

Chiropractic is more than just back pain and neck pain. It is a natural preventative healthcare. It corrects misalignments in the spine which in turn takes pressure off.

The technique is a gentle, non-force procedure which aids the spine in healing properly and to ensure a pain-free future. 

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is absolutely necessary to be seen by a Chiropractor as soon as possible to reduce the risks of damage to your spine and help to decrease your pain.

The treatments are pain-free, non-invasive, without any known side effects and proven clinical results with over 5000 clinical studies worldwide.

Chiropractic is a gentle, safe and effective way for management of pregnancy-related pains. In preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby, the following changes may result in misaligned spine or joints: Protruding abdomen and increased back curve, pelvic changes, and postural adaptations.

Everything you do daily and even what you think and how you react to things affect our health.  Lifestyles, from eating habits to work habits, work posture, and emotions/reactions may have long-term impacts on your health. If you spend your days sitting at a desk, the way you hold your head or place your arms may have long term impacts on your entire body. Our nervous system takes care of everything in our bodies.  

Meet Our Chiropractic Team

Monique Herb

OC Multi-Site Administrator

Kristen Sickler

Manager, Workplace Wellness Services

Dr. Kennedy Root

Doctor of Chiropractic

Prevention is Key

This is what chiropractic is all about. Prevention and maintenance are the keys to enjoying a healthy and active life. If you are suffering from debilitating back pain, disc bulges and disc herniatios, numbness and tingling of hands/feet, burning sensations, sharp shooting pains, scoliosis, neck and low back pains, stenosis, sciatic pains, arthritis aches and pains the look no further. 

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