Breastfeeding by Christine To

Is Breast Really Best?  The Benefits of Breast Over Bottle

christine1The decision to breast feed your child is a personal one but is considered to be the natural way of providing babies or young infants with the nutrients which are necessary for overall growth and development. Breastfeeding is the feeding of a baby or young infant with milk produced directly from the female human breasts. Experts do recommend children to be breastfed within the first hour of birth and to continue on exclusively until they reach six months of age. Following the six month mark, breastfeeding should continue alongside with age-appropriate, nutritionally adequate and safe complimentary foods.

Why Breastfeeding is Important

Every woman has to find her own way as she journeys through motherhood, but one of the first decisions a new mother must make is how to feed her child. When the decision is made to breast feed, there is also a big investment being made in the baby’s future. When a mother decides to breast feed, it allows her to make the food that is actually considered to be “perfect” for their baby.  Inadequate nutrition is an underlying cause of death in over 2.6 million children and over 100,000 mothers each year. Not only does a mother’s natural milk source a good way for a child to receive the right nutrients, it is also easy for the baby to digest which also promotes the child eating more due to the ability of faster digestion. Additionally, it helps the jaw development of the baby because of the use of their sucking reflex. The nutrients also decrease allergies, risk of diabetes and celiac disease and, also decrease the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Breastfeeding is a different experience for every mother and baby, so what works for one woman may not work for the next. So it is advised to do research and speak to a doctor regarding tips and information.breastfeeding

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