Who is Marque Medical?

Marque Medical is home to some of the leading walk-in medical centers in California. We are passionate about your wellness, providing everything from urgent care services, routine check-ups, physical therapy, and workplace health.


What do we do?

  • Urgent Care Clinic in California
      • Injuries: Whether it’s a sprain, broken bone, or cut, injuries often require immediate care. Marque’s urgent care clinics in California contain all the X-Ray equipment and tools to diagnose the problem quickly–getting you back to your daily routine as soon as possible. We also work closely with our physical therapy teams to help you heal correctly.
      • Stomach & Abdominal pain: The “stomach flu” is one of the most common conditions we work with at Marque Medical. Our experienced physicians are trained to help both children and adults with digestive tract issues.
      • Upper respiratory treatment: The majority of upper respiratory infections come in the fall and winter months. These infections are often contagious, making it easy to spread through coughing or sneezing. If you have difficulty breathing, swallowing, or feel congested, come in to one of our walk-in medical centers in California, and talk to our award-winning doctors.
      • Women’s health: We recognize that catching issues early is part of living a healthy lifestyle. We have a specialized team focused on helping women prevent health complications by detecting concerns early. Some of the most common things we evaluate women for includes pregnancy testing, thyroid testing, breast lumps, postpartum depression, and vaccines against cervical cancer.


  • Wellness & check-ups
      • Physicals: Marque Medical offers a variety of on-site physicals performed by trained physicians. Whether for school, work, or personal health, general exams provide peace of mind and prevent further illness. We include annual/basic physicals, sports-related physicals, pre-employment physicals, and preoperative physicals.
      • SmartBeat Cardiovascular Screening: Discover your hidden health risks with our state-of-the-art SmartBeat screening technology. These tests allow doctors to identify and mitigate possible health problems, decreasing your risk of a life-threatening event. The testing is convenient, comprehensive, and non-invasive.
      • Vaccinations & Immunizations: Marque Medical offers a wide variety of vaccines that adhere to strict guidelines and practices. No prior scheduling is necessary to get caught up and prepared for upcoming illnesses and strains. Visit us in one of our walk-in medical center California clinics.
      • Skin problems: Not only is our skin the largest organ, but it also plays a crucial role in insulating and protecting our body. Some of the most common skin conditions we treat include acne, hives, cold sores, skin cancer, Psoriasis, warts, and shingles.


  • Physical Therapy
      • We are excited to announce that we now offer physical therapy in our California clinics! Whether you are recovering from surgery, or an injury on the court, our physical therapists work seamlessly with our on-site physicians. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, our physical therapy team can pinpoint the source of your pain or imbalance, and create a structured plan to get you feeling better.


Where are we located?


What do our patients have to say?

Patients at Marque Medical are seen by experienced doctors in the shortest time possible without an appointment. We are dedicated to making your experience comfortable and meaningful. Check out what our patients have to say.



If you have any questions, call 1-877-MY DOC NOW, or give us a visit in one of our six locations. Check in and see wait times at marquemedical.com.



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