$125 Cardio Health and General Wellness Exams Performed by David Porzio, M.D., Board Certified Cardiologist

porzio-no-bkgrnd-lo-resI often hear from my patients that “I want to get back into shape, or “I want to start up my favorite sport again.” For many, with summertime right around the corner, we challenge ourselves to put exercise back into our lives. As a Board Certified cardiologist abook-appt-and-girlnd Medical Director, I encourage most everyone to make regular exercise a part of your life goals. But let’s make sure you don’t have underlying heart health issues that warrant attention before you begin your regimen. I am now offering a comprehensive cardiovascular health evaluation performed by me for patients 18 and over for a flat cost of $125. These will be on a first-come basis by appointment only and can be scheduled by sending me an email to davidporziomd@marquemedical.com

For our patients that would like a more general physical exam, all our Marque physicians are trained in this area and one yearly exam is commonly paid for by your insurance (please check your benefits). So whether you choose a comprehensive cardiovascular exam, or a more general physical exam, consider Marque Urgent Care a supporter of your health goals!

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