COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What is COVID-19?
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that has spread throughout the world.
How does COVID-19 spread?
How can I protect myself against COVID-19?
What are the symptoms?
Who is at higher risk for COVID-19?
What should I do if I think I have COVID-19 or have symptoms?
What do these COVID-19 tests detect?
Can I get a COVID diagnostic swab test if I am asymptomatic?
Can I bring an outside referral from another clinic or doctor to be tested?
Do you offer rapid diagnostic swab testing?
Do you offer rapid antibody testing?
How accurate is the antibody testing?
How do I set up to get tested for COVID-19?
Is the COVID-19 diagnostic swab covered by insurance?
Do I need to make a reservation to receive a COVID-19 diagnostic swab or antibody test?
What criteria do I need to meet to receive one of these tests?
How are these tests administered?
How long will it take to receive my results and how do I view them?
What platform do you use for testing?
How much do each of these tests cost?
What precautions do I take based on my results of these tests?