Drop Those Unwanted Bags Under Your Eyes by Karen Ascencio

Karen (425x640)Waking up to pesky bags under our eyes is always a great concern. There are many reasons why these bags can appear. Some of the causes for puffiness under the eye area is because you did not get enough sleep, excessive crying, sinus problems, bad diet, or allergies. Keep calm because here are some tricks that you can do to help with this problem:

  1. Hydrate. Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is not only crucial for your overall health but it can really help prevent and eliminate this problem. By drinking water we can help flush out toxins within our body and the chance of having bags under our eyes gets reduced immensely.
  2. Allergy medication to our rescue! Sometimes these bags appear because of something in the air that we are allergic to. There are some over-the-counter medications that can help with swelling under our eyes.
  3. The way you sleep. If you sleep on your stomach or side gravity will retain the water under our eyes. To help with this problem, try adding a couple pillows and sleep on your back.
  4. Removing your makeup at night is essential. Makeup can cause our face to become dry which will trigger bags to form and our eyes to be puffy.
  5. Beware of the sun. The UV rays can cause a lot of health problems, one being under eye bags. If you are out and enjoying the sunshine always wear sunscreen and a pair of cool sunglasses, this will help prevent bags and wrinkles from forming.
  6. Tea time. If you do happen to wake up with puffy eyes, run and get some tea bags. Tea can help with inflammation. Soak the tea bags for about two minutes, let them cool down and then place them around your eye area for about 15 minutes. You can use the tea trick a couple times throughout the day.
  7. Egg whites. Not only are they yummy for breakfast, these can be used to tighten the skin and get rid of those bags under our eyes. Get two egg whites and then whip them until they are stiff. After you can use a soft brush and place the mixture under your eyes and leave on for about 20 minutes.
  8. Cucumbers contain enzymes that tighten and refresh our skin. Slicing a chilled cucumber and placing them around your eye area will help decrease any swelling.
  9. Strawberries.  Not only are strawberries delicious they also can help with inflammation around the eyes. You can place some strawberries in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes and once they are cold slice them and put them on your eyes.

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