Fall and Winter Skin Care by Dakota McCarthy

There always seems to be an abundance of new, trendy routines and all-the-rage products when it comes to skin care. But did you know weather plays a significant factor when determining what to do or what to use?  The warmer months such as summer and spring tend to create more oily skin, causing pores to get clogged easily. On the opposite end, the fall and winter months tend to dry out and irritate skin. What do you do to get ready for the cold days ahead?

First and foremost, keep your skin moisturized. Your skin is your best friend because it is your first line of defense against foreign bacteria. Dry skin can crack, opening the dermis, the outer most layer of skin. The dermis has 2 essential functions: keep water and hydration in while keeping harmful bacteria, germs and other pollutants out. Cracked skin allows bacteria seep in, causing irritated red patches and in some cases infections.

Wintertime can wreak havoc on your skin.  When you walk into a heated building after being outside with cold temperatures and a lack of humidity, your skin gets thirsty and will want to soak in whatever it can get – so it’s best to make sure it’s something helpful!  For this reason, typically heavier hydrating creams are essential during fall and winter seasons.

Another easy tip is to carry a water mist spray to refresh your skin during the long day. Don’t worry: most misting sprays aren’t strong enough to budge make-up but will still give adequate drying relief.

Exfoliation is also key, but be careful with this step. It’s very easy to over-exfoliate the skin and cause unwanted redness and irritation. With exfoliators, you typically want to stick with an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) exfoliant.

AHAs are usually more plant-based and are typically gentler when removing dead skin. BHAs are mostly used to clear up pores and calm the skin. Both are meant to exfoliate without harsh physical scrubbing.

Finally, and most importantly –be sure to wear sunscreen all year long! Regardless of the season, UV rays will pierce through the clouds and penetrate your skin. The easiest way to protect yourself is to apply sunscreen after your morning face routine to seal in the moisture and protect your skin. Sunscreen is the biggest long-term care you can give to yourself and should never be forgotten!

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