Healthy Eating by Eryn Shelton

Are you trying to lose weight?  I have found that eating 5 small meals a day and replacing carbs with protein and vegetables to be most effective.  Additionally, substitute the chips with some fruits or alternative healthy snacks.  Drinking water instead of soda is a big factor when trying to get rid of the HARD to lose last couple pounds.  I also recommend switching from regular pasta to whole wheat pasta or even brown rice.  The better food choices you make the more beneficial it will to be to your long term health.

It is also important to help your children make better food choices.  Healthy food can be YUMMY!  Kids love sugar and salty treats, but what they don’t know is how bad junk food is for them.  I suggest introducing small amounts of healthy alternative snacks such as veggies with a dip or fruit with yogurt or whipped cream.  Organic juices or flavored water are great replacements for soda.  If you start introducing healthy options it will not only benefit their health but they will no longer be finicky when it comes to trying new foods!

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