Home Remedies to Fight Colds by Karen Ascencio

KarenColds are tough to fight sometimes. Here are a few natural tips and tricks that may help you get better faster:

  1. Post nasal drip can become very irritating and even embarrassing at times. Saltwater nasal drops will help to control the post nasal drip.
  2. A stuffy nose can also happen if you have a cold. A cool-mist humidifier or even a steamy shower can help clear your nasal passageway. Another tip that can help to clear a stuffy nose is a nice warm bowl of chicken noodle soup.  Yummy!
  3. Coughs can keep you up all night but a humidifier and steam can help to alleviate hacking.  Additionally, a teaspoon of honey can also help control those loud coughs.
  4. A sore throat can be helped by warm or cold liquids such as popsicles or a lemon tea. A warm salt water gargle is also recommend; gargle with warm water plus a teaspoon of salt four times daily.
  5. Hydration is very essential when you are trying to get better. Drinking a lot of fluids can cause a speedy recovery. Water should be your best friend to help you defeat the pesky cold.
  6. Sleep! A lot of bed rest and sleep is also a tip and trick to helping our body fight through an infection. Sleep will allow our bodies to recover quickly.
  7. Elevating your head while sleeping or resting will help your congested nasal passages. A more gradual slope will alleviate some congestion.
  8. Eat healthy. This should be practiced every day, but most especially when you have come down with a cold. Fruits and veggies can boost your immune system and this will cause a speedy recovery.

Out of all these tips, my personal favorite is hand washing and sanitizing the area around you. This can eliminate a pesky virus from spreading or even becoming stronger and causing your illness to last longer. Not only is this tip great while you are sick, but it can also be used to prevent you from having to use these remedies!home remedies to help fight colds

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