How Much Water Do I Need to Drink in a Day? by Marilee Tapley

Marilee-2-300x225The amount of water that a person needs in a day to stay properly hydrated will vary according to a number of factors such as: the temperature and humidity of our environment, altitude, food and caffeine consumption, and physical activity level.  The necessary amount of fluid intake to stay hydrated will depend on all those variables.  Men typically need about 13 cups of fluid from juices and water and women require about 9 cups.  Just this small amount of fluid gives us 80% of our days need for water.  Most of the rest is provided to us in our daily healthy foods we eat.  Did you know that water constitutes up to 95% of the volume of most fruits and veggies, and at least 50% of many meats and cheeses?

Sweating increase water needs, especially when we are getting our workouts outdoors in hot weather we can lose up to 2-4 gallons of fluid in a day!  I can’t over emphasize how important it is to drink your water when you are playing or working out.  Did you know that an athlete exercising in the hot-weather   sweats out more than a half a gallon of fluid in an hour?  So drink up my friends.

People who normally abstain from caffeine drink a caffeine-containing drink like our favorite coffees, our favorite teas or soda, their urine output increases more than it would for a similar amount of plain old water.  This is because caffeine acts as a diuretic.  From what I have read, research is mixed on whether any but the highest caffeine intakes, say 4-5 cups of our prized coffee cause a severe water deficit in our bodies, but most of us make up for small water losses by drinking more fluids later.  Also for you people who habitually consume caffeine may adapt to its diuretic effects, losing no more fluid than when we drink other beverages.

Many factors influence a person’s need for water.  The water of beverages and foods meets nearly all of the need for water, and a little more is supplied by the water formed during cellular breakdown of energy nutrients.

See you at the water cooler!

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