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How to Prevent & Soothe Sunburns



Nothing will ruin an amazing day at the beach faster than a sunburn.

You just finished your daily activities out in the sun, you get back to your residence and someone exclaims, “Oh, my gosh! Look at your back!”

But you already knew what happened when you saw their facial expression. You know that over the next week you are in store for pain, sensitivity, and perhaps worst of all…peeling.


How to Prevent Sunburns

While it may not always be convenient, the easiest way to prevent sunburns is to use sunscreen.

There are a lot of different sunscreens with different sun protection factors (SPF). SPF represents the amount of time it will take for the sun to redden your skin with sunscreen vs without. So ideally, with SPF 30 it would take you 30 times longer to burn than if you weren’t wearing sunscreen.

The higher the SPF of your sunscreen means the less likely that you’ll get burned. Most experts recommend that you should use SPF 50-100.

Make sure you are following the instructions exactly. If you are going to be in the water, use waterproof sunscreen and reapply your sunscreen in accordance with the directions.

Another option would be to just avoid being out in the sun. Stay in the shade or indoors. But let’s be realistic, that likely won’t happen. So, make sure you go through the inconvenience to get someone to rub sunscreen on your back and shoulders.


How to Soothe Sunburns

So here you are. You either didn’t believe us or you didn’t read this before you went out in the sun. You got sunburnt and now you are dealing with that bright red, painful burn.

Well, we are here to help. These are some tips that can help soothe your sensitive skin:

Aloe Vera: This is actually a plant, but you can buy it in a cream or gel form. Just apply it to your sunburn regularly. It will both soothe, hydrate, and help repair the affected area.

A Damp Towel: If you don’t have Aloe Vera, a damp towel will provide greatly needed relief to your sunburn.

Take a Cool Bath or Shower: Almost anything cool and wet will help soothe your skin. Soak in a cool tub for a while to soothe your sunburn.

Allow Your Skin to Heal: If you got a really bad sunburn, it may blister. Do not remove the blisters as it can cause infection. Allow your blisters to heal naturally.

Protect the Sunburn: Avoid rubbing or scratching your sunburn. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or made with rough materials.

Take Ibuprofen: You can take some over-the-counter painkillers to help alleviate the pain.

Next time you go to the beach, pool, or anywhere out in the sun, don’t forget your sunscreen—the higher SPF the better. But if you decide to ignore or forget the sunscreen and get burnt, be sure to follow our tips above for a less painful recovery.



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