Can You Sit Up Straight Reading This Entire Article?

businessman working on a tablet with bad posture

Can You Sit Up Straight Reading This Entire Article?

We have a hunch you can’t.

Fact: 80% of New Year’s resolutions are ditched by February. Talk about a vast majority.

Fact: That same majority of Americans suffer from back pain.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone here. Bad posture is a common problem that can be resolved anytime of year.


Improved Posture: An Improved You

Poor posture pain and strain isn’t only about discomfort. As easy it is to slouch over a sweet bowl of late-night cereal or slumping to get a good view of a glowing Netflix screen, it is cause for organ dysfunction including poor digestion, joint issues such as arthritis, headaches, impaired breathing, and lack of oxygen flow to the brain. Without solid oxygen flow, the brain lacks energy responsible for cognitive thinking and reasoning, memory, and the ability to carry out daily tasks. An improved posture yields productivity, confidence, and power, eliciting a positive attitude and increased self-esteem.

We are meant to carry ourselves confidently and proudly. But let’s not forget: posture is how we carry ourselves against gravity. Bones and spine provide support, but poor posture means our all-natural support system is forced to rely on the help of ligaments and muscles, only to receive a knock-off version of good “backing”. This makeshift tag-team causes a greater exertion of energy, fatiguing the body. We sit, stand, drive, and sleep. Meanwhile, posture painfully drags us down literally. The only escape is to face the bully head on.


Start Small

Like a New Year’s Resolution, posture correction takes consistency and commitment.

Imagine you’re training for a race: you’ll exercise and build muscle overtime, not run a hundred miles on first-day training. Start small. In that long run, you’ll adapt!

Millions of Americans have desk jobs; however, we were never designed to sit for such long periods of time. Talk about 9-5 slouch-central. Correct posture will surely improve performance.

Here are improvements you can make from right where you’re sitting!

Sitting up straight? Check! Pull shoulders back and open your chest like you’re about to dive into a full-fledged vinyasa flow. Sit eye level to your monitor about one arm’s length away, resting your uncrossed legs at 90 degrees. Consider a footrest or invest in desk-friendly wrist rests. Say that 5 times fast! Now stretch. Embrace regular walking breaks and maybe a standing desk.

Additionally, adjust, lighten, (or ditch) backpacks, purses, and briefcases. Engage in daily activity and exercise.


Chins Up

Ever heard of texting neck? Staring at the beloved phone screen is the ultimate neck-strainer. Resort to the old fashioned way of calling somebody up to avoid that extra weight on your shoulders. Give it a go! No one’s got time for stiff-necked suckers. An improved posture is an improved you. Look taller, hide that beer belly, and feel back in your prime.

Well? Did you make it? Are you sitting up straight?



If not, that’s ok. Keep your chin up!


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