Injury Prevention at Work by Parsa Arghani

If you have worked a job that required manual labor, then you know how easy it is to get injured. If this has happened to you, you understand how a work injury can impact your daily life.  Your hours could be cut due to work restrictions, not to mention the pain and suffering you could have from the actual injury. To help avoid the financial burden and chronic pain due to an avoidable workplace injury, here are a couple of preventative steps to take.

If you have ever worked at a job where manual labor is involved, you know how easy it is to get injured. If that has ever happened to you, you know very well how much of an impact an injury has on your daily living. You might have to be put on restrictions at work; sometimes those restrictions may include having your hours cut which will make it tougher for you to get by. Here are a couple steps you can take to prevent getting injured at work to avoid the financial burdens and chronic pain due to an avoidable workplace injury.

  1. Wearing the proper protection equipment could mean the difference between returning home safely vs. ending up at the urgent care. Examples of the various protective equipment may include back braces, gloves, non-slip shoes, metal tip shoes, and safety glasses. Using the proper protective equipment for your profession makes all the difference.
  2. Another way to protect yourself from injury at work is being aware of your surroundings. Do not try to rush things that aren’t meant to be rushed. Keep an eye out on your environment to prevent slipping and falling. If you need to reach something high, use a step stool and never stand on a chair with wheels.
  3. When it comes to lifting heavy objects, always make sure to support the weight with your legs to reduce the chances of getting a back injury.
  4. Lastly, keeping an orderly workspace can help decrease your chances of getting a workplace injury. Dispose of any unusable materials that can be a hazard. Clean up any spills immediately after they have occurred. Make sure proper maintenance is done to the equipment that is used on your daily shift.parsa


It is important to remember that these steps don’t always guarantee your safety, but they do increase it. If you or anyone of your coworkers gets injured at work, make sure to report it to your manager immediately.

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