Making Healthy Choices for 2012 One Step at a Time by Michelle Muse

Office Manager, Newport Beach

Hello, my name is Michelle Muse and I am the Office Manager in Newport Beach. I am making a change for 2012 to better my “overall well-being.” I invite you to join me in this journey where we can discuss health tips and stories of success…
I have tried several diets in the past with little or no success. I have lost 20 pounds only to gain weight back and even more as soon as I regressed back to my old eating habits.  The weight just adds up and it can really be depressing. I love myself and my family and I need to make lifestyles changes that keep me alive to enjoy life.

I am making small changes all around to help add to my success.  For instance, I recently rescued a dog and this has been a great “excuse” to walk after work and get active.  Additionally, I brought healthier food items for our office to munch on throughout the day since some of our staff works 12 hour shifts. This will allow us to make better food choices.  In the past I brought bagels for our office every morning, but noticed that was adding on the pounds.  Also, the morning bagels were adding on pounds to staff members.  Making small changes is the first step.

I am going to devote walking after work once a week in Newport Beach. If you would like to join me, I invite you to meet up and walk with me. Walking 3 times a week and drinking plenty of water throughout the day are the key elements to any lifestyle change.

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