Author: Kristin Torres, LVN

MRSA is the super bug that you hope you never get. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, better known as MRSA, is an infection that is caused by a staph bacterium that becomes resistant to the majority of antibiotics that typically treat staph infections. MRSA is usually found in the health-care environment. Most of the patients that contract MRSA in the healthcare setting is due to invasive procedures or foreign body devices. MRSA can also be contracted outside the healthcare environment. People at risk are typically childcare workers, high school wrestlers, and people living in extremely congested areas, due to the spreading of skin to skin contact. MRSA, just like any other staph infection, begin as swollen, painful red bumps.


The affected area typically resembles pimples and they usually present themselves as:

  • warm to the touch
  • full of pus or other drainage
  • typically accompanied by a fever

However, these simple pimples can quickly turn into deep, painful abscesses that would require surgical draining. In rare cases, the bacteria can surpass the skin barrier and go deep into the body, causing infection to the bones, joints, surgical wounds, the blood stream, heart valves and the lungs. MRSA can be treated through medication, even though it is resistant to majority of antibiotics.

Prevention of MRSA is essential, especially in the healthcare environment because it is so easily spread.

Forms of prevention include:comic

  • washing your hands
  • cleansing the rooms and equipment
  • keeping MRSA patients isolated from non-MRSA patients
  • always using personal protective equipment (PPE)


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