Occupational medicine concerns the health of those in the workforce. With the right medical care in the work environment, employees and employers are able to be more productive and successful. At Marque Medical, we are determined to aid in this endeavour and have provided many avenues for receiving the medical attention your company needs.


What Are the Benefits of Occupational Medicine?

Corporations and companies have plenty on their plates. On top of the finances, trainings, stocks, and all the stresses a company deals with, they don’t need to add the issue of health onto their load. Occupational medicine is not another addition to a list of tasks to complete; it is a way for burdens to be lifted in the workforce. With the proper care in the health of the employers and employees, the better the productivity in the labor pool. Occupational medicine is a worthwhile investment for not only your company, but your company’s future.


What Does Marque Medical Provide?

Marque Medical provides routine occupational services, occupational injury treatment, and corporate wellness. Routine occupational services includes those regular health needs of any individual. When individuals are in good health, so is the workplace. Occupational injuries are accidents that occur at the workplace. Being insured in this venue is vital not only for the employees and employer, but for the health and reputation of the company as well. Corporate wellness includes physicals and other tests for employees to ensure their greatest wellbeing.


What Makes Marque Medical Different from Other Occupational Medicine Providers?

Marque Medical strives to give all the greatest experience when receiving our services. While others aid patients strictly by appointment, Marque Medical provides ready, experienced doctors for those who walk in without an appointment with the least wait time possible. When you enlist our occupational services, your company and corporation will definitely feel aided in the overall health of your company. We currently provide occupational medicine for over 300 companies.


What Other Services Does Marque Medical Offer in the Workplace?

Marque Medical also offers special services that accommodates those with disabilities as well as providing injured employees proper attention. We also provide the employers thorough information about employees who are receiving this aid. Various physicals are also provided. The physicals can follow the following categories: Pre-Employment Medical Examination and Basic Maintenance Physical Examination.


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