Prevent Knee Pain When Riding Your Bike by Alyssa Sota

Many people who cycle develop knee issues over time. This is usually caused by improper positioning and alignment of the knees, which is often due to a poorly fit bicycle. You can adjust your seat to provide proper positioning, so that you remain pain-free and avoid future injury when cycling.

Adjust Your Seat!

  • A seat that is too high will cause pain in the back of the knee.
  • A seat that is too low or too far forward may cause pain in the front of the knee.
  • Improper foot positioning on the pedal (or improper cleat alignment) can cause pain on the inside or outside of your knees.
  • When the pedal is in the 6:00 position, your leg should never be extended straight out during your pedal stroke.
  • Keep your knees pointed forward. Due to poor bike fitting, previous injury, or basic comfort, a lot of cyclists tend to let their knees flare outwards.


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