Safe Swimming Tips by Magda Austin

Summer is here and swimming is one of the most popular attractions during those hot days. Swimming is a great sport activity which offers a large number of health benefits. However, pools, hot tubs, and other kind of recreational waters, can be a source of Recreational Water Illness as well as a place where serious injuries can occur. Here are few tips for safe, summer swimming:

• Make sure everyone who is in the water knows how to swim.

• At least one person should know CPR in case of emergency.

• Never swim alone.

• While going to the beach, make sure to swim in places that are marked as safe to swim and have a lifeguard on duty.

• Never leave unsupervised children in the water. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death among small children, and those who survive, many times suffer serious, permanent brain damage.

• Do not swallow pool water because chlorine does not always kill all the germs or bacteria. Even swallowing a little bit of contaminated water can cause Recreational Water Illness like diarrhea, skin rash, ear or eye infections.

• Do not go to the pool if you have a cold, rash, pink eye, skin sores, etc. Remember, you are sharing pool water with other people. Therefore, if you enter the pool while you are ill, you are automatically sharing all you germs with everybody else.

• Neither children nor adults should be running around the pool area. We have to remember the surface around the pool is wet and very slippery so we are more likely to slip and fall.

• Parents – if you have a small child that wears a diaper and you need to change them – do not do it around pool area, use the bathroom instead. By doing this you prevent spreading germs.

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