Seasonal Flu Shots

Walk-in Flu Shots at Marque Urgent Care

Getting a flu shot is more important than ever during 2020-2021 to protect yourself and the people around you from the flu, and to help reduce the strain on the healthcare systems responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep you healthy throughout the year, we offer a wide range of vaccines, including the seasonal flu shot. Get a flu shot (influenza vaccination) at any of our Marque Urgent Care facilities. Most clinics offer curbside/outside flu shots. Make an appointment or simply just walk-in today!

Marque Urgent Care flu shots are administered by a small injection. They are safe for use in everyone over the age of six months, as well as during pregnancy. Flu vaccines are not 100 percent in preventing getting the flu, but they have no flu in them, and cannot cause the flu. During flu season, if you do end up contracting the flu, rest assured that our physicians are ready to provide medical care to help you recover as quickly as possible.

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