Smartbeat Sport Results – Sample Patient


Your Overall Heart Score: 81%

The overall Heart Score is a cumulative score based on personal medical history and results received. This score helps give a quick snapshot of your heart’s health and ability to function during normal activity and sports.


Date:3/10/2018 DOB:08/12/2003 Age:14 Gender:Male Race:Non-Hispanic, White Physician/clinic:Dr.John Smith
Weight:178 Height:72 Hips:34 Waist:27 Personal Medical History:Shortness of breath, Irregular Heartbeat

Biometric Risk Level

Options for Biometric Risk Leve include Low, Medium, and High for each category presented below:

Biometric Risk Level: Low Result: 24.1 Body Mass Index (BMI): BMI is a ratio between your weight and height. An ideal range is between 18.5 and 24.9 and puts you at Low Risk. 30 or greater puts you at a High Risk for obesity.
Biometric Risk Level:Low Result: 1.1 Waist-to-hip Ratio (WHR): Low Rsik is .8 or lower for women and .95 or lower for men. high risk is .86 or higher for women and 1.0 or higher for men.
Biometric Risk Level: Low Result:110 Highest Blood Pressure: systolic pressure of 140 and above puts you at risk for a stroke, kidney failure, a heart attack, and heart failure. Systolic pressure between 120 and 139 is called prehypertension, which is an increase risk for having high blood pressure.
Biometric Risk Level: low Result: 99 Pulse Oximetry: Pulse oximetry is a procedure used to measure the oxygen level (or oxygen saturation) in the blood. Ideal range is 95 – 100%
Biometric Risk Level: low Result: 98 Pulmonary Function: The lung function test can help diagnose and manage COPD and asthma or indicate risk for lung disease. FEV1/FVC ratio indicates what percentage of teh total volume of air was expelled. Ideal range is 70 – 100% or more.
Biometric Risk Level: medium Result: borderline Electrocardiogram: An electrocardiogram, also called an EKG or ECG, shows if the rhythm of your heartbeat is steady(normal), abnormal, or borderline. The results detect heart attacks, heart failure, and arrhythmias, as well as presence of a left ventricular hypertrophy(LVH), or an enlargement of the wall in your heart.
Biometric Risk Level: Medium Result: 56 Echocardiogram: An echocardiogram (ECHO) creates a picture of your heart using an ultrasound. The Ejection Fraction (EF) measures the amount of blood the left ventricle pumps out. An EF higher than 75 might indicate a present heart condition. Between 40 and 55 indicates damage, like a previous heart attack, and below 40 could indicate heart failure.

Physician Recommendations:
A physician may make a mark indicating his recommendation on any of the following:

  • Urgent results, follow-up ASAP
  • Schedule non-urgent follow-up
  • Patient may pick-up results
  • Patient may continue Sport/Activity
  • Improve BP control
  • Weight Reduction
  • Suggest a Sport/Activity Change
  • Suggest Stress Test
  • Suggest Sleep Lab Study
  • Refer to Specialist
  • Additional Diagnostic Tests
  • Other, will discuss with patient


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