The Benefits of an Annual Check-up

Author: Bree Maloney

Did you know a new study showed 1 in 5 adults delayed medical care due to COVID-19?⁠

Of those delaying care, more than 50% said they experienced negative health consequences. Although the exact health consequences are unknown, delayed care can result in the patient becoming severely ill or worsening their prognosis, according to David Porzio, MD. “By delaying care, people could experience serious illness and may have longer hospital stays and higher costs.”⁠

Overall, the fear of COVID-19 exposure kept many away from procedures and appointments this past year. “Some patients delayed their own care because they don’t want to be exposed to COVID-19,” says Dr. Porzio. ⁠

We at Marque want to combat delayed health care. Safety is our top priority and we do our best to communicate to our patients about the protocols we take to reassure it is okay to come to us when in need.⁠

If you have not seen a doctor in a while, come get an annual check-up, it’s a free* covered benefit under most insurance plans! We will assess your cancer risk, order blood work if necessary, review lifestyle habits, and check key vital signs to see where your health is.

Don’t delay care! Make an appointment at any of our clinics and get seen today. Click the link below to select your clinic of choice and to pick a day and time.:

*Most PPO plans offer an annual wellness exam free of charge. For HMO plans you will need to see your PCP.⁠ Not sure if you qualify? Text our team at 949-390-5202 and we will let you know!

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