5 Common Causes of Back Pain

Running man rubbing lower back pain

Is back pain causing you trouble and you just can’t figure out why? There’s nothing worse than having pain you can’t explain, especially in your back. Back pain often affects everything in your life, from casual physical activities to sleeping well at night. Here are some everyday common causes of back pain that you should avoid or fix so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier back.


Skipping Stretching

While it might sound simple, stretching can make a world of difference in helping you to avoid back pain. Often, when we take on physical tasks, such as building that new shed or playing a game of basketball with friends, we jump right into it without stretching. A few simple stretches before you take on these tasks can be a game-changer.


Large Lifting

It’s something your parents probably told you when you were younger that you immediately dismissed, but lifting boxes or larger objects can hurt your back if you don’t do it properly. Our backs weren’t meant to support large amounts of weight. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid heavy lifting altogether. Just make sure you have proper technique, ensuring you engage your ab and leg muscles when lifting. Your back will thank you!


Posture Problems

Take a note really quickly of the way you are sitting or standing. Are you slumped over or do you frequently slouch? When we slump over, we put our back and spine into a position that isn’t natural. Over the years we train ourselves to think that this hunched over position is natural and most comfortable, but in reality, if you just check up on your posture throughout the day and consciously sit or stand up, many back problems can cease or be prevented.

This is really important, especially if you sit at a desk all day or spend a lot of time looking at a phone or tablet.


Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on your side or back puts your spine in a comfortable, elongated position that it enjoys. While sleeping on your stomach can be comfortable in the moment, your back is hating it in the long run. There is more pressure on the joints and muscles in your back when you sleep on your stomach, so to avoid the pain, change your sleeping position.


Staying Still

We naturally want to lay down or quit all activity when we are in pain, but it’s been shown that this isn’t the right answer for your back. In fact, if you stay pretty sedentary for two days, it’s been shown to increase back pain. Ever slept in too long and found your body aching? Same concept applies here; your body wants to move! Depression can result in back pain because of lack of motivation to get out and going. One of the best things to do for your back in these situations is to get out there and do something. Even a short stroll can be quite beneficial to limiting back pain.

For many aches you may be having in your back, small changes can make large differences. For more intense problems, or to speak to a doctor, or for more information on our walk-in clinic, visit our website here.


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