7 Things To Do Now For A Healthier Future


Getting into better shape is not an easy achievement. There are countless plans and trainers who claim that they can do it easier and faster than everyone else. The difficult realization is that getting healthy is a process and the best way is not the easiest or fastest. Below we have gathered some helpful and small changes that you can make now that will benefit your future health dramatically. Some may be harder than others, but fortunately, they aren’t giant changes that will be too difficult to keep up.


1) Checkups

Understanding where your health is one of the first steps in getting healthy. Getting a doctor checkup can help with preventing illnesses or dealing with issues you didn’t realize you had. They will put you on the healthy path and will help you see direct results in relation to high blood pressure and cholesterol which may be more difficult to notice than weight loss. The timeline differs for every individual, but it is recommended that you visit the doctor every few years and more so if you have pain or notice something is off.


plate of fruits with toast and avocado2) Reduce Sugar & Healthy Food Swaps

Your diet is a huge part of your health, and knowing what you should be eating will benefit you tremendously. Eating high-sugar foods put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Improving your sugar diet can help with weight loss, stress, and immune function. You can decrease your sugar intake by using alternatives like stevia when sweetening coffee or tea, eating natural sugar desserts like berries, and replacing sweetened beverages with water.


3) Walk More

We all need exercise, but if running or lifting weights is too much for you right now, walking is the next best thing. Too often, we get an extra boost of motivation to make us want to run or go hard at the gym for a day only to feel sore and unmotivated the next day or week. In order to start a regular schedule of exercise, you need to start slowly so that you don’t burn yourself out. Going for an evening walk can increase your endurance, tone your legs, and burn some extra calories from the day. Once you get in a habit of walking more, your exercise can turn to running or other higher calorie-burning exercises. There are many benefits for an increase in cardio including stronger heart and lungs, more energy throughout the day, weight loss, reduced risk of heart failure, relief from stress or depression, and better sleep. These are incredible effects and can be realized through an easy addition to your daily schedule. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to start with high-intensity routines; in fact, starting slowly with a simple walk could help even more in the long run.


4) Hydration

This is something you should always be thinking about. You need to be drinking water in order to replenish the liquids that leave your body every day. Water helps with many things in the body including digestion, kidney and liver operation, and skin care. Water also can help with weight loss by filling you up before a meal and replacing high caloric drinks like soda or juice. Try and get in the habit of drinking more water and your health will improve more than you may even know.


5) Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is filled with empty sugars and calories that get stored as glucose quickly. The more glucose you have stored, the more insulin your body needs to take care of it. If your body continues in this pattern, it can lead to type II diabetes. Another side effect of those extra sugars and calories is an increase in cholesterol. High cholesterol can lead to blockage, clots, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. If you quit drinking, in the first month alone your cholesterol could drop by 5%. You will also sleep better, feel more focused, and lose weight easier by drinking less or quitting altogether. This may be difficult but the health benefits are easily worth the trouble.


6) 30 More Minutes of Sleep

Most of us don’t get the sleep our body needs to keep running smoothly. If you can get in the habit of just adding 30 more minutes of sleep each night, you will see improvements in your mood, energy levels, and even weight loss. Most people know they need to get more sleep but feel that there are more important things to do. Once you can change your mindset to see your sleep as an important health choice, you may find it easier to make some changes.


woman in yoga pose at end of boardwalk7) Yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular in the world due to its health effects on the body. It is a low-intensity workout designed to help the body with flexibility and strength. If you have never been to a yoga class or tried some of the moves, you will be surprised how difficult it can be. But if you keep with it, you will see improvements in flexibility, endurance, and strength. Practicing regularly can also help with reducing injury and will lead to better posture and less back pain. It is a great habit to start right now as your body will need better flexibility and strength even more as you age.

Your health is extremely important and something you can take control of today. It may be a stressful or difficult thing to improve, but if you start slowly you will be able to keep improving. Getting healthy is not a sprint, it takes time and changing habits that you may have been doing your entire life. It’s definitely not easy, but you can do it and you’ll feel better each day that you try.



The information provided is for general interest only and should not be misconstrued as a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment recommendation. This information does not in any way constitute the practice of medicine, or any other health care profession. Readers are directed to consult their health care provider regarding their specific health situation. Marque Medical is not liable for any action taken by a reader based upon this information.

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