Alcohol Can Cause Acne by McKenna Pelfrey

McKenna Pelfrey, LVNThere are many things that cause acne and alcohol is one of them. Have you ever wondered why you wake up Monday morning from a weekend of drinking with 4 new pimples?  So, how does alcohol cause such skin problems? Alcohol naturally decreases the immune system.  A weakened immune system makes it easier for bacteria to get under skin, causing blemishes and acne to appear. Alcohol also causes an imbalance in two hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen act as chemical messengers that control and coordinate the functions of the body’s tissues and organs. Alcohol consumption can impair the testosterone and estrogen hormones ability to function properly, which can make you appear dull and pale.

Over-consumption of alcohol can lead to severe dehydration and can have many negative effects to the body. Dehydration directly effects the skin because it deprives the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients and hinders the ability to flush out inflammatory toxins. Excessive or binge drinking over time can cause liver damage, which is probably the most important organ in maintaining clear skin. alcohol acne

Here are some simple ways you can prevent acne and promote healthy-looking skin:

  • Wash your face each night and remove all makeup
  • Avoid touching or picking your face
  • Avoid eating greasy/fried foods
  • Avoid sugary mixers if you drink alcohol
  • Drink LOTS and LOTS of water (hydration is key). A good alternative if you’re severely dehydrated is coconut water. It contains potassium and sodium which helps replenish your body with the nutrients it needs.
  • Try avoiding stress

So, don’t worry the next time you want to go out and have a drink with your friends or co-workers. It’s about drinking responsibly and in moderation. Remember to hydrate with plenty of water, and make sure to wash your face.

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