Q&A with Dr. Kiskila: Body Mass Index

Author: Dr. Kiskila

Question: Dr. Kiskila, what is body mass index?
Answer: Body mass index (BMI) is a fast and simple way to check your overall health. BMI is a way to measure your body fast by using a person’s height and weight.

Question: What is a normal BMI?
Answer: According to the CDC, if your BMI is:

  • Under 18.5, you’re underweight
  • 18.5–25, you’re normal
  • 25–30, you are overweight
  • Over 30, you’re obese

Question: When you have a higher BMI, what complications can you develop?
Answer: Nearly 3 million people die each year worldwide because they are overweight or obese. Those who are obese have higher chances of having other medical problems. In general, the higher your BMI, the higher your chances of having problems linked to being overweight. They include:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Liver disease
  • Several types of cancer (such as breast, colon and prostate)
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep apnea

Question: What else can BMI tell you about your health?
Answer: Just like high cholesterol or high blood pressure, BMI is only a single measure. It’s not expected to tell you if you have heart disease. And it’s clearly not a perfect measure of overall health. But it’s still a good starting point. A good way to check in with your health is to have an annual wellness exam with a medical professional. 

Question: How can you take action to a healthier BMI?
Answer: Take action towards better health by:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight
  2. Increase physical activity
  3. East a heart-healthy diet
  4. Know and control your health numbers

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