Brian Power by Sharron Horton

sharron-lo-resIf you are feeling mentally slow lately, maybe it’s time to get into a brain-oriented workout routine. The brain is a fascinating organ that needs more than just books and crossword puzzles to function at optimum capacity. Here are a couple activities to help boot your brain power…

There’s a ton of research about the connection between exercise and cognitive function. And aerobic exercise is an especially great way; one study showed that adults’ brain-processing speed improved after half an hour of moderate exercise. Your cognitive function is boosted even further when you add any type of music to your workout.  Strength training is not only good to bulk up muscles, but also the brain.  Strength training can boost cognitive functioning because lifting weights may increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which controls the growth of nerve cells. Any form of activity can help boost the cognitive capacity of the brain from dancing to playing golf. We may feel like we don’t have time to dedicate to the gym, but we can incorporate alternative activities in our free time which challenge our mind such as playing Tetris to boost brain function.

We probably don’t often think about the cognitive benefits of flossing our teeth.  Believe it or not, this basic activity prevents triggering an immune response which prevents arteries from getting nutrients to the brain due to plaque build-up. Even doodling or writing simple “to do” lists can help give your brain a boost. There are so many ways to boost the brain and these small changes can really help.

Even the food that we eat can play a role in our brain function. Healthy consumption of omega 3s such as fish have shown to improve cognitive function. If fish isn’t your thing, you can add a little flaxseed oil or walnuts to your dish.

It’s important to break routines and challenge the brain, but it’s also doubly as important for the brain to rest. Whether you meditate or go on a vacation, this rest time for the brain can bring so much clarity to the mind and thought process. Meditation improves concentration and memory.  It also promotes growth in important brain areas associated with intelligent thinking.  Also, just getting out of the daily routines we have help boost our brain power in a positive way.  You could simply take another route home and your already on your way to a better state of mind.

Having positive and healthy relationships can be a great way to boost your brain power as well as positive thinking. Go out with friend and laugh and just doing something out of your normal can have a great effect on your brain.

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