Charley Horse by Karen Ascencio

KarenThe charley horse or a muscle cramp has happened to the best of us. This excruciating pain can go on for a couple seconds or even minutes. The strong muscle contraction is precisely what is causing us pain. The leg is the common place for the cramp to occur, but the foot can also have a muscle spasm. What and why do our muscles torture us with this pain you may ask?  Well it has been noted that overuse, decreased amounts of calcium and magnesium, cold climate, medical conditions, standing for an extended time, dehydration, and even certain medications can be factors to having our muscles tighten. How to treat a muscle cramp? Stretching the muscle is the most common method for treatment, but heat may also be applied to help alleviate the discomfort. Drinking plenty of fluids can also help prevent a charley horse. If the pain is constant, a doctor visit is recommended.

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