The Cognitive Health Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzling by C.F.

I initially started doing jigsaw puzzles with my niece and nephew a few years ago while babysitting.  I was surprised to discover how quickly I could relax and unwind during this activity.  I started borrowing puzzles from the kids to do at home.  Flash forward a few years, I admit, I am a full blown jigsaw puzzler!  I have learned that I am not alone in my interest.  The Wall Street Journal has a list of the 10 Coziest Hotels in America and one of them not only provides jigsaw puzzles for their guests, but they even have weekend contests.  Jigsaw puzzling may be perceived as a simple activity, but there are many hidden health benefits to this engaging and therapeutic brain exercise:


Problem Solving Skills

Jigsaw puzzling exercises both the left and right brain lobes.  When your brain is engaged solving a puzzle, dopamine is produced which strengthens your learning abilities and memory.  Also, the basic skills required to do a jigsaw puzzle are transferable skill sets applicable to other problems in life.



When your mind is concentrating on the shapes and images, there is a calming peaceful, and meditative effect on the brain.  Jigsaw puzzling takes my mind off of work and it’s an easy and healthy way to decompress and unwind.



Sometimes in life, a person may not see results of his hard work for many years.  In contrast, finding a puzzle piece provides an instant feeling of satisfaction in addition to a visual reinforcement of an achieved goal.


Dementia Treatment

Jigsaw puzzling provides a workout for the brain which helps to slow the onset of dementia since many parts of the brain are exercising.

Not only does jigsaw puzzling provide mental health benefits, but it’s also a convenient and inexpensive activity that can be done solo or with others at any age.  It’s a no-risk activity with high rewards.




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