Hand Sanitizers are No Substitute for Good Old Soap and Water by Marilee Tapley

Here is a fact straight from the FDA, when we are prepping food, they say that hand soap and water is best.  Do not replace hand soap and water with hand sanitizer!  This tip should also be applied at the office in your work environment.   A hand sanitizer cannot and should not take the place of proper cleansing procedures with soap and water. Some research has shown that plain soaps like Ivory are just as effective as antibacterial soap in minimizing bacterial-related sickness.  Hand washing is an easy way to eliminate pesky viruses from spreading or even becoming stronger and causing illness. Using consumer antibacterial soap products may increase bacterial resistance to antibiotics in some bacteria.

I read that other studies have suggested that ultra clean environments and the constant use of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers may inhibit good immune system development in kids. This is because inflammatory systems require greater exposure to common germs for the correct development.

The manufacturers of the products test their products on inanimate surfaces.  As a result, they are able to boast claims that 99.9 percent of bacteria is killed. If the products were fully tested on hands, there would no doubt be different results. Since there is inherent complexity in the human hand, testing hands would definitely be more difficult. Using surfaces with controlled variables is an easier way to obtain some type of consistency in the results. But as we are all aware, everyday life is not as consistent.

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