Decompress and Recharge with a 10-Minute Vacation by Venissa Ryther

Venissa (640x427)You don’t need to fly all the way to the Caribbean to escape the day-to-day stresses of life.  Instead, by learning how to recharge, you can mitigate your anxiety and stress.  You may unwind and feel better if you try these everyday ideas listed below:


Instead of using meditation tracks or self-healing recordings, turn on any variety of music that appeals to you. When listening to lyrics and melody, the body starts to calm and learns to relax. Whether it’s Mozart, the Beatles, or Justin Bieber, music helps reduce stress effectively.


As you inhale, notice how the air travels as you expand your lungs, ribs, and belly. When you exhale, see if you can empty every last breath. Concentration on this will allow you to slow down your breath and racing thoughts. This trick can help lessen your anxiety or an overactive mind.


Getting outside into nature is an easy way to lift your spirits and soften your focus on problems. Walking twenty minutes through a park or other outdoor setting can ease worry. You may even notice new places, meet new people, and have a deeper appreciation for nature.


Hot or cold black tea has been proven to lower the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body.  Sipping slowly will help relax you.  Black tea is good for your heart as well.  A research study at Boston University found that drinking black tea can help prevent clogging of the arteries.


If possible, disconnect from technology for a while and you’ll eliminate one major source of interruption and possible stress.  No texting, emailing, chatting, or surfing the internet.

Having easy stress-reducing methods available will help to stay mentally and physically healthy.  Any of these simple ideas can serve as a 10 minute vacation or even become a full day treatment!  Of course there is nothing wrong with taking a real vacation, but the aforementioned techniques are readily available on a daily basis.

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