Healthful Tips to Ward Off Heart Disease


This year, more than a half million Americans will die from heart disease, an illness which is treatable and largely preventable.  By now everyone has been beaten over the head with the modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease (smoking, stress, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol).

Consider implementing healthful steps to ward off this very common and lethal disease.  Eating fiber from plant sources cuts your risk.  Yet the average American diet contains only half the amount recommended.

Sunlight may also reduce your risk of heart disease. Sun exposure results in the production of nitric oxide, which moves from the skin to the bloodstream, whose vessels then dilate in response to this chemical, lowering the blood pressure.  This recommendation likely will get under the skin of our dermatologist colleagues, and for that reason alone it is worth considering.


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