TeleMarque Urgent Care in Santa Ana is Now Open

tm_photoshopped Eaves headcroppedMarque Urgent Care continues to grow and expand throughout Southern California: their latest facility, TeleMarque Urgent Care, in Santa Ana is now open

Marque Urgent Care is pleased to announce the opening of their revolutionary new state-of-the art clinic in Santa Ana.  Marque’s latest location at Hutton Centre Santa Ana is conveniently located off the 55 freeway.  “Although it is exciting to expand to new locations, our primary focus still remains providing excellence within every single clinic.  We constantly are striving to deliver the best overall quality care and service to every single patient” Dr. Nathan Kiskila of Marque states.  “We are looking forward to using our innovative medical platform to better serve the community of Santa Ana.”

The clinic features affordable and straight-forward pricing with office visits broken into three levels for added convenience starting at just $59.  The walk-in facility has extended hours (7am to 10pm) and is also open on most major holidays.  As indicative of all Marque clinics, the newest location will offer top-notch staff and comfortable amenities. TeleMarque Urgent Care provides walk-in care and family wellness in addition to an occupational medicine program.  They offer quality medical services for non-emergent health issues that require attention, thereby filling in the gap between a primary care physician and traditional urgent care clinics.  A TeleMarque visit differs from ordinary telehealth offerings because it is an in-person consultation with experienced Marque Urgent Care physicians who are located at nearby Marque Urgent Care clinics.  On-site Marque nurses assist the patient with the visit.  Telemarque Urgent Care has lab and testing services, immunizations and vaccinations, and even on-site medicines for common ailments.

The clinic’s values are embedded in the belief that the each patient is their most valuable asset.     “We are pleased to be a great health partner for the local community.  Our mission is to invest in the wellness and fabric of the communities we serve so expect to see us at your favorite events and local programs,” states Pierre Bergougnan, CEO of Marque Medical.  TeleMarque Urgent Care looks forward to a long-standing relationship with the community of Santa Ana and the surrounding areas.  More TeleMarque clinics will be announced soon.  For additional information, please visit




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