The Flu: Answers to the Most Common Questions by George Lindsey, M.D.


Dr.Lindsay_useweb1-300x168Can I be positive for the flu without signs of a fever?  Yes.  Fever is the body’s response to infection and in many cases the body cannot or will not mount a fever when infected.

Why do I still have flu symptoms after having treatment with antibiotics?  The flu is a viral illness.  Antibiotics have no effect on viral illnesses.  Antibiotics are used to treat the secondary infection which is bacterial.  The most common types of secondary infections as a result of the flu are pneumonia, sinusitis, or otitis (ear infection).

I received the flu shot but still was positive for the test 2 weeks later.  Why do I have the flu if I had the vaccination?  There are two possible reasons: 1. There may not have been enough time between your flu shot and exposure to develop an immune response.  2.  The antigen in the vaccine didn’t “match” the strain of influenza that you have.

If I suspect that I may have the flu, can I infect others around me such as co-workers or my family?  Yes.  You can infect others from one day before your symptoms appear and up to seven days after you get sick.  You can infect someone else even when you’re six feet away.

If I test positive, how much time do I need to recover?  It varies.  Generally it takes 7-10 days, but if it’s a prolonged illness, it can take weeks to recover.

Is there any way I can get the flu 2 times within the year?  Yes, but not the same strain of the flu.  Some years there are more than one type of the virus circulating.

How can I speed up the recovery process?  Rest is the key component to speed up recovery.  Also, take in plenty of fluids and maintain proper nutrition to support your immune system.

If I have symptoms for more than one week will Tamiflu be effective?  Tamiflu is most effective within 48 hours because it prevents the spread of the virus in the body.

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