8 Tips for Relief of Computer Eye Strain by Monique Herb

monique herb low resWhat is Computer Eye Strain?

Computer Eye Syndrome, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is defined as a bundle of eye and vision related problems that occur as a direct result of extended computer use.  It’s estimated that more than 10 million optometrist visits each year are due to computer vision syndrome. CVS has also been estimated to decrease worker productivity up to 20 percent. Fortunately, there are eight simple tips that can help relieve computer eye strain:

Tip 1: Make sure to get a comprehensive eye exam before you start regularly working on a computer and at least once a year after that to prevent or minimize any vision problems. While an optometrist is assessing your vision, be sure to include how often you are on a computer and at what distance. This will help the eye doctor assess your vision most accurately.

Tip 2: Adjust Settings for your computer display:

  • Text Size/Contrast: Should be adjusted to comfort
  • Brightness: Should be adjusted to match your environmental surroundings
  • Color Temperature: Color temperature should be decreased to a hues of orange-red which decreases the amount of eye strain
  • Black ink on a white background is the best color combination to work withergo

Tip 3: Use the correct lighting by trying to position monitors with windows to the side. Also, using shades or blinds can help eliminate eye strain caused by exterior lighting.

Tip 4: Install an anti-glare screen on your computer to decrease likelihood of headaches. Prescription eye glass wearers should consider purchasing glasses with anti-reflecting coating on the lenses. This coating decreases how much light reflects on the surfaces of the lenses.

Tip 5: Keep eyes moistened by taking breaks to blink. While working on a computer, people typically blink 1/3 the normal rate. It’s recommended that every 20 minutes take a break and blink 10 times in a row by fully closing your eyes.

Tip 6: 20-20-20 Rule: Look away from the computer every 20 minutes and look at a distant item that is a minimum of 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise helps relax the focusing muscles in your eyes.

Tip 7: Modify your work station to maximum comfort.

eye-chartTip 8: Think about purchasing computer eye glasses because it can result in greater comfort if eye strain is becoming a problem. Computer glasses are also beneficial to those who wear contact lenses since contact lenses can become dry and uncomfortable during long periods of time on the computer.






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