Disaster Planning by Lynn Stanton, M.D.

Dr.-Stanton-224x300For those of you who are wondering how to cope with disaster planning, there are reasonable solutions which do not require a PhD.

General Prep for a Disaster:

More than likely you will be able to stay in your own home.  The authorities can caution you about the dangers of staying, but they cannot force you to leave.  Once you leave, they cordon off the area so you cannot return.  To prepare yourself and family to hunker down, assume that all utilities such as water, power, phone lines, and wireless service will be turned off and prepare accordingly.

In preparation, be sure to know all of your neighbors.  Be aware of who is able to help, who will likely need help, and who can be a runner and message carrier.

Store one gallon of water per person per day.  You may need water to flush toilets if they are still working. 

Have canned or boxed food that does not require cooking available.  For instance, cereal, beans, tuna, fruits, are good to have on hand if a disaster strikes.  If a heat source is available (i.e. bbq, stove, etc…), then dry foods such as rice, pasta or potatoes are nutritious choices to have on hand.

Always have first aid equipment.

Fire fuel such as wood, gasoline, and oil is important to have handy.

When you are able to stay in your home, (even if damaged), it is likely that your neighbors will need help.  If you have extra water or food please share with others until help arrives.

Tips for a Severe Disaster:

Everyone around you is homeless!  This is a very severe disaster which one hopes to have responders from afar to provide rescue relief.

Do what you can to keep your friends and families in touch.  Do not go to the schools or public places to find your children or friends.  All schools and large facilities have their own readiness plans.  Stay calm, sit down, and try to think of a reasonable plan if you do not have one.

The information provided is for general interest only and should not be misconstrued as a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment recommendation. This information does not in any way constitute the practice of medicine, or any other health care profession. Readers are directed to consult their health care provider regarding their specific health situation. Marque Medical is not liable for any action taken by a reader based upon this information.






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