Q. and A. with Dr. Kiskila- This Month’s Topic: Osteoporosis

Kiskila croppedQuestion– Dr. Kiskila, what is osteoporosis?

Answer– Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones.

Question– Who is most likely to develop osteoporosis and how does it happen?

Answer– Women over 65 are more likely to develop osteoporosis and it’s more likely to happen as someone ages. Low calcium and vitamin D may lead to osteoporosis, as well as low hormones like estrogen in women or testosterone in men.  Thyroid conditions, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and too much alcohol may also lead to osteoporosis. Some medical conditions and medicines can lead to osteoporosis. Check with your doctor.

Question– What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?

Answer– There are no symptoms of osteoporosis and someone often may not know they have it until they break a bone too easily. That’s why it’s important to be checked by your doctor.

Question– Can osteoporosis be prevented?  If so, how?

Answer– The best way to prevent osteoporosis is to keep your bones healthy. Eat foods with calcium and vitamin D, exercise 30 minutes a day, and avoid smoking.

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